Price Increase Notice

Dear Valued Clients

Please note we have increased our prices as of April 1st.

Our 30 minute and 40 minute session have both increased by $20. This will also affect the price of the Double Exposure sessions and Couples Massage.

The 1 hour session will remain the same.

The increase will be divided equally between the spa door fee and the service fee for the attendant.

The Kingsway Spa has always prioritized quality of service for our clients which includes fair pricing. However, as inflation level has risen, costs of operations have increased and in order to continue running and maintaining the spa to best service our clients we had to increase our prices. After careful consideration and thorough analysis, we reached a decision that, while difficult, was deemed necessary for the business and employees to prosper. It was not a course of action we took lightly.

Throughout my 16 years in this industry, specifically erotic massage, we have never received an increase in our service fee. As the owner of the Kingsway Spa, I feel very strongly that my loyal staff deserve more for bringing so much to the success of the business.

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